Gravity Church



We have a very clear focus of the people that God has placed in our path. Jesus told a parable of a shepherd who was watching over 100 sheep. One of those sheep wandered off and the story says the shepherd left the 99 safe sheep to go find the lost one. That is the picture that we keep in our heart. The LOST one. They are alone, they are afraid, they are not sure if they will ever be found. They need someone to go find them. We are looking for them everyday.

Gravity Church was designed with the ‘lost one’ in mind. We are casual, we are accepting and we are genuine. We love everyone that God brings through the door…period. Our awareness of our own brokenness keeps us humble as we open up the story of our lives to others. It truly is beautiful to see God use us, as He loves others. Whether we gather for church in a building or out in the parks, we are very aware that we are building a bridge for others to stand on as they reach out to God. When we worship, we worship for ourselves but we also worship for the person who doesn’t know how to reach out to God in worship. We are using our lives to create a spiritual environment for others to connect to Jesus. Being in God’s presence is what people need more than anything else. He changes us when we are near Him.


Scripture tells us that we have been adopted into the biggest family ever known, the family that calls GOD our daddy. The mere fact that we all share the same story of being adopted by God should fill our lives with enough stories to last a lifetime. Stories that tell of how it felt to recognize his love, how he speaks our name, how he continues to teach us how to be apart of his family. A healthy family shares everything they have with each other. They defend each other, love each other and Know each other.

We look for opportunities to bring the family of God together by encouraging people to explore the many resources of the Family of God! There are other churches with amazing classes, services and functions. We also believe our family should share their resources with each other. We see this happening locally in many ways. We intentionally look for ways to use our resources for Kingdom work and support other ministries, non-profit groups and churches. We believe that there is only ONE CHURCH.


Jesus said the famous words “Come follow me”. Jesus wants to turn us into Disciples…mature followers of his ways. This process of following Jesus has been modeled and handed down from one-to-another for centuries. We believe that the highest calling of a Jesus lover is to become a ‘spiritual parent’ to one of the newcomers in Christ. Every child needs parenting and nurturing and it’s no different in God’s family. We believe in, and teach a model we call ‘DISCIPLES MAKING DISCIPLES’. This process plays out in all kinds of small ways every single day but it starts with us accepting our role and then engaging in Real Relationship with one another. As we grow and mature in our faith, we pass on the tangible and practical things we have learned to the new ones around us that we are ‘parenting’. It’s the way a healthy family should function and we have seen this example shown to us by Jesus himself.